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1. Briefing

A visit to your garden is arranged to discuss your garden needs, ideas, aspirations, requirements and budget. This enables David to draw up a detailed brief which is submitted with itemised price for the design work. A deposit of 25% is requested at this stage, as a gesture of commitment.

2. Site Survey

A detailed and thorough survey of the garden, including noting all existing plants, recording all measurements and key features, plus levels where necessary, is carried out, in order to produce accurate plans. Photographs are taken from all important views and angles. For larger, complex sites, a chartered surveyor is usually commissioned.

3. Layout Plan

From the survey information the concept design is drawn up, illustrated with 3D visuals and a layout plan in colour. This is presented for discussion, and includes suggestions for materials, plants and construction features.

4. Working Drawings:

Once the concept design is approved, the following detailed scale drawings are produced:

a) Planting Plan

A comprehensive annotated plan in colour, showing position of all plants, including quantities and proposed sizes.

b) Construction Plan

A detailed and thorough plan showing all materials, and featuring section views and levels when appropriate.

c) Setting Out Plan

This shows all measurements necessary to enable you or a landscape contractor to set out the design accurately

d) Lighting Plan

This will show cabling routes, all lighting positions and positions of transformers

e) Maintenance Advice

Aftercare tips are produced as a monthly email or schedule in order to help ensure that the garden grows well and looks good for years to come

5. Project Monitoring

David prefers to oversee the implementation of the work to ensure this is done to the highest standard and to ensure the design is interpreted correctly and he will happily produce a detailed specification to instruct a landscape contractor on how best to construct and plant your garden correctly